Sunday, March 9, 2014

Treasure Hunting

The Historian (who is possibly the BEST dadda in the whole world) arranged an adventure for us this weekend. We went on a mysterious treasure hunt around our own neighbourhood.

Are you ready for an adventure?
Read the clue. They're cryptic. For example, "I'm at the bottom of the hill and the top of the mountain"
Found it!
Are you right? Check the photo.
On to the next one.
The treasure? Hot chips and a Fire Engine (ahem, and red ale for some) at the local pub.

We finished the day with a little fossicking at the Angove Street Collective.

Then on the way home we spot another kind of Fire Engine.

Firies blocking one of the lanes of traffic to stop for their espresso of course, most poetically, "The Engine Room". Incredibly improper use of authority, made us smile even wider.

Love you my family. Love you North Perth.