Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Things are starting to heat up here and the mild sense of panic that comes over me each summer is creeping in. I know, all of you staring at long dark winters ahead of you will be rolling your eyes,"What's she complaining about?"

I really struggle with summer and the older I get the more wussy I get. I don't want to make light of depression (because that's serious) but I think I have a slight touch of S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder). More rolling of eyes. Yes, I know that's usually associated with those long dark winters (not to set off your S.A.D by reminding you again). . . mine comes from too much light . . . and HEAT.

So to stave off the dread of the approaching furnace that is the Australian summer, I thought I'd list the pros and cons as I see them (hopefully the Pros will come out in front?!?):

  1. It's HOT, sticky, sweaty, don't want children, Historians or even clothing touching you. This is particularly horrid when small children insist on climbing all over you wailing, "it's HOT mama".
  2. I have to wax my legs . . . more frequently. OK, I'll admit that during winter my legs can get a little Hobbity and I like it. No mess, no pain, no hassles.
  3. Sleep is HARD. I remember years of summers when the only way to get through the night was to wet your top sheet in a cold shower and drape it over you Coolgardie Safe style. I've gotten soft. Aircon. is a priority for our new house. Last summer without it brought me to a very dark place!
  4. Flies! Little skinny ones that like to get up into your nostrils and big fat slow ones that square dance contemptuously around your room. Oh, and Mozzies (Mosquitoes)! Lying in bed willing sleep to come and hearing that high pitched whine as the horrible sucker that avoided the Mortein Napalm cloud you sprayed before bed circles it's prey and secretly hoping it chooses the Historian's exposed flesh over yours.
  5. Your candles, ice-creams, make-up(if you wear it) melts. Disgusting puddles of once solid stuff are everywhere.

  1.  I get to wear a Kaftan at home without any hint of embarrassment. It's the only thing that touches me nowhere but the tips of my shoulders.
  2. Washing is dry by the time you finish hanging it out. Very efficient.
  3. Goths. Watching Goths in Summer is hilarious! I admire them for their steadfast commitment to their style but 40+C days are really tough on them. There's pools of white pancake makeup and black eyeliner everywhere. There's one particular local lad with licorice thin legs who gets around in his sprayed on black denim, long sleeved black shirt, black boufant hair and a frilly black parasol. I saw him "run"(mincingly) across the street last summer. That vision still gives me the giggles.
  4.  Everyone gets more sociable. There are tons of barbecues to be hosted and attended. So that's nice.
Hmmm, the "Nays" seem to have it. I'll have to dig deeper for the positives before it heats up, or escape to cooler climes (more on that soon). 


    1. I could agree with all those as I do find summer weather stifingly, and I hate it when it gets so hot you feel as though you cant breathe! I hope this summer isnt too unpleasant.

    2. Another way to cool down is sneaky midnight nude swim in your best friend's pool. Unfortunately neither of us have a pool any least I have a bath to fill with cool water and thank god for air con now too. I'm seriously thinking of putting it into my bedroom to get a decent night's rest. And the best joy of all, and a positive of our so called backward state is that daylight savings has been voted against yet again! Hooray. I hated it. It just seemed to magnify the horridness of s(B)ummer! making the coolest part of the early morning and therefore the only few sleeping hours shortened as the alarm went off to start the day and then it didn't get cool enough to eat until 9 or 10pm!!! one small positive about this summer.

    3. Okay, apparently I'm completely ethnocentric because I was like, "Why is she talking about dreading summer? Has she not posted since the beginning of summer? No, I swear I just read one recently . . . " and then I was like, "DUH. She lives in Australia!" I get it. Summer starts now IN AUSTRALIA.

      You Aussies are so confusing . . .


    4. Oh yes, we (or rather you), live in Bizarro-world. Night is day, Summer is Winter, Bum bags are Fanny packs (this one had me alarmed the first time I heard it.A "fanny" is in the same vicinity but quite different).