Friday, January 21, 2011

The Boy's Deep

Everyone knows that seven year old boys are philosophical geniuses.

I've spent a frustrating few days cleaning out our spare (junk) room that is going to become our Incredibly Organised and Tidy Library/Study. I've been pulling things out of the cupboards that are going to be demolished, sorting paper, throwing out things (ancient power bills and bank statements,  random bits and bobs that belonged to some-thing-or-other that has long ago been lost or broken  etc) and generally feeling like I'm getting nowhere fast and making more horrible mess!

This morning I decided that we should have a big clean up of the whole house as school holidays, renovating and the "sorting" was making every room a tip and the whole thing was bringing me down.

"Where are we going to start?" I asked rhetorically looking around in dismay at the imposing MESS.

"Well, mamma, when I play a game on the computer I always start with the easiest levels and work up to the hard levels as I get better. I think we should start with the least messy room first" said Linus.

Hmm, I really would have done it the other way around but he's right. We now have three really beautifully tidy rooms and plenty of time to make inroads into the fourth and maybe fifth rooms . . .and  if we don't finish them all, who cares! We have places to feel good and relaxed in.

There's a deep life lesson for you;

Start with the easy stuff and work up to the hard stuff when your skills are better honed.

Then you can beat the mega tough big boss at the end of the level!


  1. Out of the mouths of babes! I think I'll add this to my list of favourite quotes and maxims to live by! How's thurs or fri look for crocheting, chatting and getting thinner? Right now I'm going to find an easy level starter job to do (or maybe I'll waste a bit of time looking at the computer.)

  2. Thursday would be perfect. I'll look up an actual recipe for a perfect HUGE salad for lunch.

  3. Oh! Linus is sooo clever and so cute to.It makes so much sense.

  4. Oh goodie! See you at the usual time!