Sunday, September 25, 2011


I've made a cardigan for the Historian!

He has problems with the concept of the "cardigan". He has problems with the concept of hand-knit too. Born, I suspect, out of years of hand-knits from loving relatives that were too short, or wide, or acrylic, or otherwise weird.

I've been able to knit something he'll actually wear in the past but have until now had no success on the cardigan front. He thinks they're fuddy duddy.

Here's the thing.

The Historian didn't think that History was a crusty enough profession for him and so he is now in the thick of a post doctorate degree in Archeology.

Now an Archeological Historian or a Historical Archeologist simply must wear cardigans, don't you agree? . . . preferably with suede elbow patches and corduroy trousers.

I'm pleased to say that he has finally embraced the idea of hand-knits and cardigans but I can see with his new profession that I'll have to be careful not to steer him down a wrong path...

Mick Aston from the Time Team

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  1. Oh Anki you literally made me laugh out loud! As I was reading the part of the post I could see on my netbook computer I thought at first
    "nice cardigan"
    then "he probably had too many crunchy acrylic beanies/ jumpers etc"
    Then I thought " be careful dear Anki this might not end well think of time team"
    ....then I scrolled down to reveal the last picture. Great minds!!! Great cardigan!
    Unfortunately Tim might just wear one of those coloured things. :(