Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beautiful South

The south coast of our part of Australia is truly beautiful.

 It's for salty eyelashes and never brushing your sea-tangled hair.

It's for exploring secret paths sliced through granite boulders.

And discovering an ancient herd of elephants frozen together forever.

For building sand civilisations and climbing willow trees.

It's for making new friends.

It's for waking every morning to have your breath taken away by an ever changing view that is somehow disconnected from time and ordinary things.

It's for dreaming of another life...(this vineyard is for sale)...sigh.


  1. We found ourselves looking whistfully at the realestate agent's window here the other day! Ahh holidays are fabulous aren't they. Yours looked just right a nice sea change!

  2. Oooh exciting to hear from you! I've been reading your travel blog but commenting on it seemed tricky. I imagine looking wistfully at real estate in France is worse...Denmark (WA)is still really expensive; while you could by a 17th century chateau for the price of your lunch these days! Or maybe a Greek island?

  3. Actually we were quite surprised at how relatively inexpensive it seemed considering how much my little house is supposedly worth.

  4. Precisely! Our house prices are incredibly over-inflated. It's ridiculous. How are you? Are you having a blast? I saw the pics from Versailles. It's so funny because the architecture was such an influence on the Swedish palaces...they copied it and those little garden houses with the copper roofs are exactly the same...

  5. I am LOVING it here! I feel quite at home really and wish I had more time to spend in the art galleries!!! but there really is only so much time one can spend walking before your body says ENOUGH! Time for food and a rest! I will have to come again maybe not such a huge length of time and visit paris and one other place in a two week holiday.
    I had a lovely chat to a french fellow on the metro. We were talking about language and how you have to have an understanding of the culture to really understand a language and it's poetry, he was saying he didn't really feel french maybe he was a little german (his mother was english and he had some spent some time in germany) Anyway I said I did not really feel australian, he said no you are french, he thought I was french which is why he asked me what the time was, which started our conversation. I agreed that yes I did feel like I did not feel out of place here. We will see how we like spain next only a couple more days here, sadly. Having the apartment has been great and having 11 days to get the hang of traveling together has also been good.

  6. So, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing pieces of your adventures.