Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Frogs of Anarchy

We have a  Motorbike Frog living in our pond we call him Opie. He’s been there for a couple of months now calling every evening, “Bwrrrrrrrrrrrrr-rudtp rudup” (which means, “Ladies . . . got a really nice pond here . . . ladies! There’s lots of lovely plants to hide in and bugs to eat . . . LADIES!!!”). 

After months of his effort, who should show up? Not one but two more male frogs! Seems that they are starting a motorcycle chapter (the Frogs of Anarchy). So now we have an incredibly loud chorus of motorcycle revving going on each evening. Surely the lady frogs can hear them now from kilometres away.

Of course what they’re not saying is, “Bwedipt” (there’s also 6 Koi fish that will gobble up any of the eggs that the three of us don’t eat first).


  1. Shame the odds are not the same in human populations ;) (the male surplus that is)
    I surprised that some lady frogs haven't set up residence at your pond as it is indeed a lovely pond. Maybe they are alert to the danger that lurks there.

  2. maybe the frog chicks(?) are not that stupid, they have of course checked out the area, and found it not suiteble for little froglings, 6 Koi being the main problem.Plus 3 dads might pose a small problem too.