Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Must Have Home Improvements?

Astrid's wonderful cross-stitched Advent Calendar made by Mum
As I settle in for an evening of individually wrapping 48 little bits of chocolate to string on Linus and Astrid's (Incredibly Awesome Mormor Made)  Advent Calendars ready for tomorrow, I am reminded of wrapping stations.

What's a wrapping station I hear you ask? Well, I certainly didn't know there was such a thing until a few months ago and my mind I must admit BOGGLED a little. 

Researching colours for the dining room I stumbled upon Riviera View where I was introduced to a pair who's home (apparently); "friends and neighbors all agree ... is hands down one of the most stylish in the Hollywood Riviera" (I assume this information was volunteered by the power couple themselves, um, hubris anyone?). Anyway, the home includes as we are exuberantly told, "a gift wrapping zone - on everyone's fantasy design to-do list - which Melissa actually accomplished!

This got me pondering. 

You know, I've never fantasized about this and I'm fairly certain that I NEVER will. So who are these "everyone" who do fantasize about a place to wrap stuff? 

I know very little about Martha (save her white collar prison escapades). But Martha doesn't just have a wrapping station! No, her must have design items include; a pet grooming salon, a dining room and kitchen in her state-of-the-art climate controlled stables (and not for the horsies either. I certainly hope the ventilation is state-of-the-art), a barn (I think just to hang quilts in and make culturally uncomfortable puns "Barn-Mitzva"?!), 100 year old Canadian fencing to, I presume, make her Canadian horses feels at home and 45,000 Daffodil bulbs!

Hmmmm, would I fantasize about any of that? Erm, no.

Although I will admit to having a little daydream about a few of the daffodils.


  1. I just read this bit on martha
    'Incidentally, this is the property where Martha served her five months of house arrest – a time she describes as ‘hideous’ since her movements on the property were severely restricted.'
    yes it's hard to imagine a worse place to be under house arrest.
    I saw these wrapping stations some time ago and had much the same response. Obviously we don't have enough friends or family to whom we give artfully presented gifts on a regular basis!
    Mormor has done a lovely job with the advent calendar.

  2. Oh yes, I got that too. Poor didums, I imagine jail time would have been a fair bit more "hideous".

  3. Mind boggling! And sometimes I feel guilty because I'd really like a whole bath for Lucas & I, sans kiddos or guests... The tendencies of my country-mates for the extreme & grandiose is always a surprise. As is the tendency to flaunt it. :P