Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Love Letter to my Dearest Friend on the Occasion of her Birthday

Dear Dette,

Thirty years ago we found each other at high school and I am forever grateful that we did.

We were together through the teenage angst incredibly important dramas of our late adolescence. We created our own styles together, sewing and knitting clothes (urg, remember the black polkadot jodpur things I made? And our anti-fashion stance of mixing colours that we thought shouldn't go together...only to find pink and yellow were the "new black" of 1982 and the competitions to see who could be clothed for the least money - curse those undies, they always bumped up the total cost).

We felt passionately about so many, many things and causes and talked endlessly about our hearts and who was trampling all over them or who we wished would trample on them a little bit...staying up all night giggling insanely, eating "magic" french onion dip in my bedroom window.

Since then we've both had relationships and break ups, joy and sorrow but your friendship has remained a strong constant in my life, like a pair of warm and loving arms always there to catch and comfort. I am continually inspired by your courage, strength, kindness and creativity . You really do make me a better person.

When we were 17, we imagined the sort of old ladies we would one day become. We vowed to be as naughty as we could possibly be and exasperate everyone with our tricksy ways while we wreak havoc in our super-fast shiny red sports-cars. I'm looking forward to that in another 30 years.

Happy Birthday.

Love Anki


  1. Oh Not fair you made me cry at school- lucky everyone else has left for the day. That is so lovely and yes I remember the magic french onion dip. I love the way our friendship is like a warm hug. This is the nicest love letter I've ever had. (I believe it is the only one I've ever had- excluding the Orang-utan at the zoo.) I'm glad we can inspire each other. I love you heaps. This is the loveliest birthday present ever.

  2. You're most welcome...I'm sure I've given you love letters before.I remember the beautiful Macaw you drew me (I have that somewhere) from the the Ted Hughes Poem, "The Macaw and Little Miss"(linky here: Phew I don't remember that being such a raunchy one, eh? No wonder we loved it so...Why and how! did you get a love letter from an orangutan? The mind boggles.

  3. Oh yes I remember those poems. The orangutan is explained on my blog.

  4. I was thinking of all the poems from that particular class, the teacher had a thing for those sort of texts do you recall?