Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some Music for You

One of Australia's most brilliant bands, The Drones, performing Kev Carmody's "River of Tears".


  1. Great song! Both the lyrics and the perfomance. But I have to admit although I know it is not from the 80's it somehow mannaged to evoke a time of long black gloves or paisley shirts, suade pixie boots and the smell of hair gell. I know that is not the intention of the song and perhaps I should have had some kind of intelectual or political response my first one was nostalgic- maybe because it was also a time when I began to think about the world around me more politically.

  2. And...maybe it's because you're having a birthday soon? And...maybe it's because it's a live gig and you remember the ones of the past (GoBetweens at the Apollo Room)? They're playing the Bakery on the 21st October, we're planning on going. Good old rock and roll...keeps you young.

  3. I saw that they wereplaying here in October but I'll be in Paris then. Yes I think it did evoke shades of the Apollo Room. Where was that? *Sigh*But at least it is lovely nostalgia now day not sad - thank goodness for anti depressants!