Sunday, November 13, 2011


Finished Astrid's cardigan this weekend (pattern linky). It's still a little coolish in the evenings so she may get some wear out of it before it's put away all the long, long months of summer. There is not a hint of "itch factor" with this one as it's made from lovely Patonyle (sock wool). It's also blocked in shampoo, so it's passed Miss Fussy's stringent criteria for acceptable knit wearability.

I've also almost finished restoring the  found sofa. I'll get some pictures of it soon.

We went on a walking tour of some heritage sites around our neighbourhood yesterday. It was a bit like being tourists in your own backyard. It was fun and something we'll be doing more of now that I've made myself an early New Year's Resolution to do more family/community/free and low cost stuff next year.

Yep, all in all, it was quite a productive weekend.


  1. What a great colour on her! I understand totally about the itch factor as a kid I would drive my mother mad refusing to wear anything that was remotely itchy- I think that Astrid and I must have super sensitive skin ;)
    She is looking quite grown up there her face has changed and look at those eyes!
    Tell her we saw 2 deer in the feilds near where we are staying tonight in a caravan park. I'm not sure we will get to sleep if the cows don't stop mooing! (They are loud but not that bad you know I'm prone to exaggeration in the name of a good story!) we had a squirrel dart out and scurry about in front of our van too as we pulled up. It really is beautiful.

  2. Hey! So wonderful to hear from you! I checked your travel pod last night - but I'll have to check again now as you seem to have internet mojo again. I love squirrels! And I cried when I saw hedgehogs (igelkott in Swedish)...they are such magical creatures. And, deer...Astrid would be in her dreamland.

  3. I've got an internet 'dongle' (computer nerds come up with some great names I thik it is some kind of revenge making everyone that teased them in the past use silly words!) It has limited ammount of downloads so I can't really upload photos- too much gig. I've posted a few quick entries on facebook to keep in touch with my kids really -Katie is often on while I am and we can chat direct which is nice.
    I'm glad you are a 'cryer' too because I have been moved to tears a couple of times on this trip! Igelkott is a cute name for a cute animal! I am enjoying this campervan caper surprisingly it is very laid back and I made us dinner last night some pasta with tuna and this morning made toast and tea then we are off to explore Bath and tonight we stay in a castle. It has been a trip of real contrasts and I'm loving it!

  4. PS. Finally we have hit some cold weather and I will be able to use my pet scarf at last. It has been unseasonable warm everywhere we have been. Today is quite grey and a bit drizzly and last light the treck to the loo was a crisp one but the van is heated so it is nice and cosy inside.