Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inevitability Strikes Again

Some things are inevitable, unavoidable, irresistible (tautology is my middle name, by the way).

First of all, at this time of year, there is the buying and giving of "stuff". Unavoidable.

And inevitably I become frustrated with the volume of plastic-y "stuff" that have a built in obsolescence set to expire and become landfill before the year is out so that they can be replaced with a shiny plastic-y thing-a-ma-bob du jour next Christmas.

And here (unavoidably) I become another in a long history of people worldwide to exclaim, "Why aren't things built like they used to be?"

This was literally brought home to me recently. Astrid had seen a waffle iron in a Christmas brochure that was (inevitably) placed in our letterbox. Shiny. Plastic. Junk. I remembered that mum had a Husqvarna waffle iron and so we've borrowed it for a while to sate Astrid (and, after being reminded of waffles after many years waffle-less, my) waffle cravings.

This beauty must be close to 50 years old! And yet, here it is going strong and turning out beautiful waffles.

Hard to imagine a single appliance that will be given to anyone anywhere this Christmas that can become a family heirloom.

The inevitable angst about presents starts. We try to make good choices. For the children: Lego (this is sanctioned plastic as far as we are concerned...and also heirloom material as the kids actually have Lego passed on from my brother and I in their box), art supplies and books, that sort of thing.

And this year, for the adults, we have decided as an extended family to give donations to charity.

Take that JUNK.

In other inevitable, unavoidable and irresistible news: I have once again missed the first of Advent and have to sneekily, secretly, covertly light the second candle during the week to make it look like I didn't!

I think perhaps that if I did actually remember to light the first candle on the actual first of Advent, we may all disappear in a POOF of unpredictability.

So it's probably better that things remain inevitable, unavoidable and irresistible .


  1. I love your little rants, they always make me laugh even though I totally agree with the sentiments and know there are serious concerns below the humour. The charity thing is a great idea. Those waffles look yummy! And your christmassy candles look charming. And even though you were behind on your candle lighting you are ahead of me- although I'm looking forward to christmas this year and made a point to collect christmas decorations from the places I visited to give some meaning to my christmas this year and then every year after I will remember my trip as I decorate my tree.

  2. That sounds lovely Dette, I bet you found some awesome decorations throughout your European adventure. That's what they should be for (Christmas Decorations) accumulated slowly throughout a lifetime and put out just once a year to remember Christmases past (instead of bought from Coles and changed in colour and theme each year - Regal Purple this year, Sparkly silver last year etc). We have acquired the most demented looking fairy this year from Astrid's crafty activities at school. Can't wait to get it on the tree!
    ps. I have only put the wreath on the door and the candles out. Tree etc is some way off yet.

  3. I can't wait to see that fairy- is she something like the scary princess?

  4. Yes, precisely. Could be her sister.

  5. Think of it as things you can always count on! And good for you for giving "junk" the old heave ho! Legos are on our list, too!