Monday, February 14, 2011


Do you know the adorable Charlie and Lola story where Lola refuses too eat a tomato? In fact she doesn't like lots of things, she is a "very picky eater". In the story Charlie convinces Lola to try new things by making it into a game, peas become "green drops from Greenland". 

Very sweet and bares absolutely no resemblance to anything that could happen in real life. 

I often think that Linus and Astrid could be the inspiration for Charlie and Lola. Linus is conciliatory and patient and Astrid is stubborn and prone to extreme flights of fancy; she would happily live in  "uʍop ǝpısdn" and Linus would be right there with her encouraging her and building a complicated machine to stop the blood rushing to their heads.

Astrid is a "very picky eater" and it drives me BONKERS at times. The idea that you could trick her into eating something by saying it is, "cloud fluff from the top of Mount Fuji" is beyond ludicrous.

Things are either "too crunchy" or  "too squashy", "too greeny" or "too how can I possibly be expected to eat THAT-y!". 

And how you mount a persuasive argument against someone who contends that something is "too medium-y" is beyond me!


  1. Oh, Declan talked himself into VOMITING tonight at dinner when I told him he couldn't have a piece of candy unless he ate one teeny tiny piece of broccoli. VOMIT on my table, thank you very much.

  2. Did you write up this post just to show off your ability to type upside-down?

    I've often wondered if there were really boys out there who were as patient as Charlie. Linus gives me hope!

  3. I KNOW...¿ʇı ʇ,usı looɔ os s,ʇı -

    Ah the internet, whatever you think of is there for you! And Linus is 99% Charlie and then there's 1% where he snaps!

    Tara, Astrid hasn't actually vomed yet but she does go yellow-green and her eyes do cartwheels until I tell her she'd better go "spit it out".

  4. Tee hee hee. I've seen some a slight version of that face with the apple cake and something else here- grapes I think.
    Thank goodness neither of mine were picky to the extreme I never had to resort to any kind of bribery or worry about vomit on the table. Chicky babe was a tad fussy but nothing in the face of cartwheeling eyes!
    Although I made the mistake of having a restaurant at dinner a few times, where they could 'order' off the menu. There after for some time I found myself cooking different requests frequently. That was pretty silly on my part.

  5. Oh yes, cooked apple is "squashy" and a definite no-no...grapes are cool, except the "pippy" ones. Just when I "think' I'm getting the hang of what's OK and what's not but then she throws a spanner into the works with the "medium-y" comment...