Thursday, March 3, 2011


I've been a bit quiet lately and it was terribly remiss of me as I should have posted about the lovely gift I received from the incredibly sweet Lauren at Grubby and Green.

Thank you so much Lauren, receiving this "warm fuzzy" from you was a bright shiny moment in a pretty blah month.

This wonderful little Liberty print purse is finished so beautifully with lining and a hand embroidered label, the letter set is ingeniously made from recycled milk cartons and there's a hand-made card with a lovely message. The patience and attention to detail put into these things is inspiring and brings into pretty stark contrast the sloppy, lazy mess that makes up EVERYTHING else around me at the moment.

All spark has been sapped, SAPPED out of me by: the horrid weather, the never ending saga that is our dining room, the Historian having to travel away from home too much and that I seem to have become allergic to our poor old geriatric cats. I say "poor old" as I'm constantly escaping from their attentions at the moment and Nori has been ejected from the bedroom at night...but seriously, cats, it's far too hot to be canoodling up to me at the moment anyway (stuffy, drippy sinuses or no).

So, my aversion to the heat has already been documented here but that won't stop me having another whinge about it as we start Autumn (which is really just more Summer, seasons?...HA!). We have just had our hottest summer on record - YAY -  (average temp 32C) and there's not much relief in sight. We have had 26 consecutive days with an average of 34C, although, what the statistics don't tell you is the heat starts really early (our night-time average is over 20C) and then stays all day. There's no building slowly to the peak in the middle of the day and then cooling off as the sea breeze comes in. It's far too uncomfortable to be outside between 7am and 7pm, except of course you have to go out so there are a lot of grumpy, exhausted and slippery with sweat people out there.

It's deflating and that's just how I feel: like a wrinkly, sad balloon with only a few puffs of air left in it.

After months (not an exaggeration) of scraping and plastering and painting we have finally got some colour on the walls of the dining room and while the "end" is in sight, it seems at times like one of those never ending hallway know, where you run and run and the end keeps telescoping away from you.
In other never-ending hallway type news, I have 360 more squares to do on the blanket for our bed.
Yeah, probably not an issue as it won't be required for some long, long, very long time yet!


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  2. That description of being a deflated balloon is so on the mark! I've had quite enough of summer too! I think you need to step back and realise just how much you have achieved with your house, but I know how you feel I've been here almost 7 years and my place is still not finished!
    Your rug is looking really good.

  3. I've missed a few posts! That blanket-in-progress is lovely, and inspiring!