Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So, I went jeans shopping...yes, thanks for your sympathy, I've almost gotten over the experience.

The sheer volume of choices that you have to make completely does your head in: skinny bogan legs, wide flower-child legs, low/mid/armpit rise waist, curve, length, colour, weird little faux crease marks etc etc. AND that's even before you go through the soul destroying fitting room experience, where the lights are 2000 Watt and artfully designed to make your pudgy bits look like enormous globs of congealed pure white porridge. Just how that's supposed to sell jeans is beyond me.

I'm not really a big fan of jeans (not solely because of the buying and trying). I appreciate their usefulness but they are so conformist and I have an annoyingly ingrained tendency to try to be "different". It's been with me for as long as I remember.

I hate being part of a crowd.

When everyone around me was getting tatts, wearing and dying their hair black, I wore turquoise and bleached my hair white...and, thankfully, I was dithering on the design of my prospective tattoo for so long, that they became mainstream and I decided it was more alternative to not have one. 

It's probably why I don't Facebook, dislike the latest, big label Avett Brothers' album and I have never seen E.T.!

I know how stupid it is, but it's ingrained, like I said. It's me.

Tara recently mentioned "mum (mom) jeans" and while I now understand, thanks to some helpful advice, what they are (highpants), the mums that I come into daily contact with at Linus and Astrid's school do not wear them. These mums are size 10 and below and get about in a uniform of designer jeans and pony tails.

Due to lack of time and the issues with hairdressers I've discussed before, I currently sport a bloody ponytail and...now, a new pair of jeans......I feel like I'm becoming a new millennium version of a Stepford wife.


  1. Oh, you had me laughing tonight! You might just have to shave your head or something to avoid that whole Stepford wife trend.

  2. Now, I think it's really unfair of you to talk about your new jeans and then not include a picture.

    Um, I don't think you'll ever be a Stepford Wife, ponytail and jeans or no.

    Oh, and I SO agree with you on the tattoo thing. So overdone.

  3. Oh Anki You make me laugh! I remember your turquoise top and suede boots! I was wearing bright pink paisley at about the same time. But apart from the trauma of trying jeans on I do love the way they wash and wear so well - and in an act of defiance I have bought a black pair to wear to school as denim has been banned for school wear. I'm saying that they are heavy duty cotton drill! In the art room paint stains and charcoal and pastel dust is an occupational hazard and the $20 kamrt brand of jeans wash and wear and look better than my poor old expensive pair of 'good' black pants that are now somewhat grey and very thin. Plus they let the PE teachers wear tracky dacks and I think they look more casual than jeans!