Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have a bit of a vexed relationship with hairdressers. I try to explain what I want and they look at me like I'm speaking Venusian. This is bad enough when it concerns my own head but I also have "control" over my poor offspring's noggins.

See this photo of Linus? That is a ROCKSTAR haircut. I have no idea how I managed to be understood (perhaps she was wearing a Babel Fish?). Sadly for us that particular hairdresser disappeared from the salon (she may have returned to Venus).

Today I couldn't put off the poor little guy's haircut any longer. The woman who lives behind us keeps referring to him as "the girl" (although I suspect she may have issues involving her brain and a life led too long on the wild side).

As pure chance would have it there was a young lad in the waiting area who sported exactly this haircut (it must be mentioned that he was pre-haircut and his mum had plans to shear his all off. I think he looked cool, but then I'm from Venus). So I pointed at the boy and said, "like that please"... Pudding Bowl was NEVER mentioned, I promise . . . and yet, here we are . . . lucky he has to wear a hat for school, that's all I'll say.


  1. oh no! I quite agree hairdressers and I also speak quite a different dialect and I am often alarmed when a trim turns out to be short enough to delay a trip to the hairdressers for about 12 months! (Not being blessed as you are with fast growing hair- a mistake can end up lasting a lot longer than it should!)
    Another thing I can't understand is the way I can sit in the chair and actually thank the woman who has butchered my hair and managed to make me look worse than I did before my 'do' rather than saying actually I'm not happy with this or that can you change this. I pay for my misery and go home and hope that I can stretch my hair with some kind of magic application of shampoo and water.
    Hopefully Linus is blessed with your fast growing hair gene!

  2. Super cute! I can NEVER make my hair look like the hairdresser does. I swear, by the time I get home, my hair has changed color and length, and sometimes, my part has switched sides. It's freaky.