Monday, March 21, 2011


love 043 by Thneed

18 years ago today I sat on the Historian's doorstep waiting for him to come home.

It was a really beautiful, clear blue day but my stomach was a knot of fear. He rode up on his motorbike, took off his helmet and looked at me and I thought I would die from the electricity between us.

We both knew the gravity of this meeting. It was time to face up to how we felt and either choose to be together for the rest of our lives or walk away and vow to never see each other again. 

While being together was going to be enormously difficult; to be apart was actually impossible for us.

When you find your soul mate, you have to hang on as tightly as you can.

I   love   you.


  1. Anki, that is so lovely, wishing you booth another happy 18 years, and another and another.

  2. I love this photo! Look at you both! I can't believe that was 18 years ago. And what a perfect pair you are and what a lovely family you have made. You are lucky to find each other and smart enough and brave enough to be honest with your feelings. love to you both.

  3. Thanks mum/dad and Dette, you've made me cry...
    Love to you all too

  4. How beautiful! Congratulations.