Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh, Narcissus

I'm quite partial to a house magazine now and then. As I also have a soft spot for the overuse of the term "bespoke" and pictures of lovely leafy, rosy, willowy gardens, I like to occasionally get the British Homes and Gardens.

I feel that I should draw your attention to this fellow:

His name is Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Well of course it is! You don't cultivate a look like this and call yourself Bruce Bloggs. He is an interior designer and appears to be somewhat of a minor celebrity in the UK. I'm sure that he's a perfectly decent person in real life but they have really made him look an absolute twit here.

Photographed to endorse various companies making "bespoke" furniture; the advertisements are memorable but not in the way they intended, I'm sure. . . I actually look for the ads each time I get a copy of this mag but couldn't actually tell you what the rooms look like as I can't take my eyes of Laurence.

In his awkward, overdressed glory.

Here he is looking relaxed in a kitchen. Just about to whip up a batch of scones...obviously.

Hey, hey in a bathroom. Oops someone maybe should have cropped out the chinless profile reflection.

And my personal favourite, "Chika chika boom,  ladies here's a bedroom...with me in it". I'll just make it look like I'm buttoning up my jacket - next to this purposely tousled bed (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).



  1. That's funny! As you know I am quite an insomniac and on a couple of occasions I caught a 'reality' show with him and his family renovating a charming country house- they are all quite mad and despite all the 'overdressedness' and poncing there was a part where he was playing dress ups with his little girls and another of him being playful with his tubby gin and tonic drinking wife, I have to say I developed quite a soft spot for him.

  2. Yes, you see when I googled him I got the impression that he wasn't an awful chap (his g&t wife has also lost mega weight btw by stopping the g&ts). Anyhow, it is just how absurd they make him look in these ads makes me giggle.