Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chitty Chitty

There's a lot of birds living with us. Well, they were here before us, so they kindly share the space with us.

I love watching birds (not in a Gould League sort of way, I think they are nature's entertainers). We have crows and magpies residing out the front and honey eaters and doves out the back.

We also have a fabulous Chitty Chitty (the Noongar name for a Willie Wagtail) living in our backyard.

They are such tiny balls of fury with their wagging tails, flicking wings and the angry chitty chitty sound. This one is, however, extremely happy (and fat) and sings a lovely song most of the time, despite his frown. And why wouldn't he be happy? He has hit the mother-load of bugs in our compost bin!

Going to plant more vegetables in our new vege patch today...digging the ground should make him ecstatic!

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