Sunday, July 25, 2010


We had our belated birthday party for Linus yesterday. 12 small ones running around hyped up on sugar and excitement! I was too busy to take any decent photos, although I did get my blank canvas cupcakes with meringue decorated them with EVEN more sugar (yay!)

Fortunately we had 5 girls included into the mix which was brilliant when things started to look like they were going "Lord of the Flies"-ish (they keep the testosterone down to a dull roar). Yes, that's the tree-house gang throwing plastic balls at the trampoline crew and vise-versa! I had all manner of clever party games lined up but as always happens - 12 children will make their own faux blood-lust fun.


  1. I love it! At least you had the games as a back up. Better to have them planned just in case they are required than to have a bunch of kids bored and not knowing what to do. However when you have a tree house and a trampoline and a bunch of high energy creative kids they can entertain themselves. Fortunately birthday parties only last a couple of hours and come round only once a year!

  2. Yes! It went extraordinarily well I must say. Cupcake decorating was a huge hit (thanks for the idea)...every time we have a party the kids end up making their own fun, I'm just always nervous because at his 5th B'day I had an 8 year old asking if anything "fun" was going to happen (she was jaded by the birthday one-up-man-ship thing that goes on - Sally had a pony, Janet got an elephant sort of thing!