Monday, July 12, 2010


I've been feeling a little glum. I think it's the stress of the past week, the huge amount of kilometres travelled and that many birthdays (including mine) have been disrupted...of course I can't completely rule out a hormonal element.

So to lift me out of the funk, I've been looking at colours to paint our dining room and hallway. This is becoming quite a saga for me. I'm usually a lot more decisive in these things but one of my many problems comes from having got a hold of a paint manufacturer's fan deck - oh, too much choice is turning me into a ditherer.

I love the colour of this room in the magazine (by the way, the chandelier... wow) but "is it this colour? Or more this colour?" etc. Our lounge room and kitchen are both finished (green/blue and blue/green respectively) and since the dining room is in between them, the colour has to tie the other two together (blue/grey would be good). I "think" it's one of these........Rats!!! This isn't working. I think I'll go scrape the door and swear a bit, maybe that will un-glump me!


  1. Too funny! I like that you're taking the time to try and tie the rooms together with their colors. It's something I wish I had done, and is probably why I don't like our hallway color so much and am contemplating repainting when the kitchen is repainted. Just have to pick a color...

  2. At 11:12!!!! That's very late to scrape a door- for someone who has little chickadees that will wake them early in the morning. I think that all magazines , well those geared towards home decorating should include the colour and type of paint used in the shoot. (Even if they feel compelled to add a disclaimer in the front of their mag to alert people to the fact that different lights will create different shades- but it would make your colour selection easier.)
    Hope you're feeling a little less glum!