Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm not perfect

I'm far, far from perfect! I try to be non-judgmental but there are whole people and even trees that I can't stand. I can be snobby and impatient and vain. I'm frequently hypocritical and downright bitchy.

And I often feel exactly like this picture. Astrid has brilliantly captured "angry", the caption reads: 
"I feel angry sometimes when my brother says I can't play with his Uberstix until I make a satellite for him but I don't know what they look like" (teehee)

As we're heading towards a Federal election on the 21st of August. I expect to be making this face quite often.  We have the real risk of this pair taking power!

Yes, they are every bit as loathsome as they look.

Let's see: He thinks he's pretty sexy in his speedos and gets his gear off at every opportunity (Tony, just so you know, this isn't working on me, if fact it's pretty much the epitome of "unsexy") and  he has some really dodgy ideas on women (all we apparently really want is to have more children), homosexuals (they "threaten" the "natural" order), refugees (lock up children behind razor-wire) and education (bible studies in all schools).

She is a creepy plastic "Stepford" deputy (on her 3rd Leader of the Opposition) with a death-stare for anyone who dares to disagree with her and a disgusting habit of getting all kittenish around any men.

No, I'm not perfect and I have faults but the world these two represent sends shivers up my spine. Brrrrr....

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  1. He makes me quite ill! And she...well! This post gave me shivers and creepy like goose bumps I suspect I'll be making an angry face too or perhaps a quizzical one in disbelief.