Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Destruction and Pool Heebie Jeebies

Old ramp is demolished in readiness for our new back deck. Boys like a bit of destruction!

It's going to be so wonderful. We're going salvage yard fossicking this week to get some lead-light windows for one end of it (I love salvage yard fossicking!).

Linus also started swimming lessons this morning.

Public swimming pools, oh joy!

I don't exactly have a phobia, more like a deep case of the willies concerning public swimming pools. I'm not a germaphobe or a clean freak but the "Human Soup" in these things....Brrrrrrr yuck. Hundreds of people spitting and snotting and dipping their hairy dangly bits in the water. And I'm not in the least convinced of the water-tightness of those "swimming nappies" on the babies!

Lucky I don't have to get in the water with him. I've told him he has to keep his mouth closed at all times and I'm working on covering up the look of abject horror on my face with a look of "excitement" or "pride" in his progress (I probably look completely demented).

It's no good reminding me about the chemicals; the germs may be dead but it doesn't change any of the soup's basic  ingredients.


  1. I had an image of Criton (is that his name from Red Dwarf) trying to master the portrayal of ambivalence -two conflicting emotions simultaneously! Funny.
    Please don't talk any more of this human soup...I used to like swimming, it is really the only exercise apart from dancing- which my dodgy knees now rule out and I can't afford my own pool! I go fairly often and I am relatively healthy. I manage to put all those nasty thoughts to the back of my head somewhere while I swim, it is a good skill, to wrap it in a box in my brain and not look at it!

  2. Oh sorry. I did worry about inflicting my heebie jeebies onto someone else. Good for you for swimming, I know it's brilliant for you. Strangely I don't have a problem with the ocean and that's far more "dirty" with fish poo, decomposing stuff etc...
    Red Dwarf is hilarious...Rimmer going mad with the gigham dress and penguin hand-puppet called Mr Flibble is still one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen.