Sunday, September 26, 2010


We have a long standing joke with my parents about our inability to grow a Strelitzia flower. Well, when I say "joke" it's usually them pointing out our continued barrenness and their fecundity and giggling. These things are as hardy as all get up and grow in the most neglected of gardens (like the abandoned house down the road amongst the dead wild oats !) but we never seem to get a flower...

Well, bugger the Bird of Paradise . . . we've got Irises!



  1. Thanks! They were actually children of the piece we got from you years ago. They are stunning!

  2. Gosh! I don't have any anymore- were they from Kalgoorlie? Brigette has some too. I'd forgotten about them. Anything that survives in my garden has to be pretty robust!

  3. I LOVE irises. Had some in my wedding bouquet even. Yours are lovely!

  4. Very pretty,I am not very lucky with Irises, Strelizias on the other hand!!! Kicka ate another tulip!Mum