Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Astrid's Kindy class has "Dress up like a Pirate Day" today...I'm not sure why, seems that "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" is next week (although I guess that's a pretty arbitrary day in itself, so it could potentially be any day you feel like calling someone a Dirty Bilge Rat with indemnity)?!

She was very excited. She wouldn't have us telling her she was a pretty pirate though!

In other news: HOORAY!!!!!! After an absolutely nail-biting day yesterday, I think I'm in love with Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott (the Historian won't mind a bit). It took guts to go against the bullying tactics of the Coalition and back the Labor Party. Fingers crossed that the Coalition don't turn into Scurvy Dogs and keel-haul the new government, the Dirty Bilge Rats!!! the way, the major national Australian newspaper (Rupert Murdoch's propaganda machine) needs to have a long hard look at itself. It has behaved abominably, hopefully they have lost all credibility and will be seen for what they are.

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  1. Ahhhrrrr... one very terrifying (not pretty) pink pirate. I love the pink skirt with the pirate costume. I know there were some girl pirates but I can't remember their names off hand. I'll have to try to find my pirate books.
    P.S Yay at last we can breathe with thankfulness that the mad (lying) monk is not in charge.