Friday, August 13, 2010

Deer for my Dear

This little person is OBSESSED with Deer. I guess if she lived in Europe or North America she might be keen on Kangaroos, but deer (be they Reindeer, Red deer or even Elk) are her passion. She is also about to turn five in early October.

When I get a creative idea in my little head it pushes and pushes and pushes at me (I go to sleep thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it, you get the idea) until I make it and exorcise it out of my system. 

I have never made a quilt and yet that's what I've decided to make her for her birthday (I mean how hard can it be??? ho ho . . . nervous laughter). I'm not going to go crazy here, just squares and then I'm going to appliqué some deer silhouettes around the place . . . and, I'm going to genetically engineer the cat pattern to make a matching deer toy. 

I have 7 weeks and I have "real" paid work to do too (not to even mention all the other stuff) . . . maybe I'm biting off more then I can chew? Oh well, never stopped me before, watch this space. 


  1. How could you resist that face! She is a dear! Good luck, you'll do it and well I am sure. (I once crazily made one wedding dress 4 bridesmaids dresses and a flower girl's dress along with all the sundry wraps, floral arrangements, bridal handbag etc in 5 weeks whilst working full time while being a single mother! So you'll be right!) Nervous laughter at the thought!

  2. Oh congrats on the work- you beat the opposition in her uncomfortable shoes then?

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I remember hearing about that wedding party, you're too kind, you know.
    Oh, we weren't vying for the same business (the stiletto and me - the clog?!)...she just happened to be at a meeting (but she did eye me sideways when she realised I was a competitor). This is some other stuff...things seem finally to be taking off a bit. It's not what you know but who...