Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bohemian Chic

I'm hardly a slavish follower of fashion (oh, so much far from it) but I really wish I had a definite STYLE. I wish I was elegant and/or chic. I'm old enough now to have defined the sort of looks I like; quirky, hand-crafted touches, comfortable and a little bit retro...

Check out Kim Hargreaves new book of knitting patterns. She describes as;
" eclectic blend of chic sophistication and bohemian charm."

Hmmm, this is exactly what I'd like to be; chic, sophisticated, bohemian and charming...sadly I mostly come out like a mad woman's custard that got dragged through the wardrobe, eaten for a dog's breakfast and spat out.
ps. There is also Anthropologie's new catalogue ... I think I need to go through my wardrobe and get the lumps of custard and dog spit out!


  1. Yessss..... That will be me in two years time (slow and steady!) they look lovely. I'll stick 'em on the fridge.
    And I think that your style is delightful- wouldn't have you any other way!

    (This is just a tad funny, my verification code for my comment is droopy! maybe now but hopefully the situation will improve!)

  2. Ha! Droopy. Yes, that's an issue here too. Floppy and flabby get a look in too. Thanks for liking my style. I just think that now I'm way, way on the wrong side of that horrid age that will not be named that I should maybe tone down the quirky and get more elegant. Mind you I wrote that post sitting in a pair of the Historian's trackie dacks and thick socks and a paint streaked, overstretched I probably have some way to go.

  3. Love that second shot--I'd like to be all put together like that, too. It happens once in blue moon, especially during teaching season. Most of the time, though? My twisty buns or pony braids define me. But I'm good with that. :)