Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quilt again, again

OK, so this is the last update until I finish I promise (it's getting boring).

I can see why people like doing these. It's fun. But it's getting harder to be random with the patches and now I have to be more strategic with the placement. I also have to square off my squares a bit more . . . but ask me if I care about the imperfection (Wabi Sabi as always, that's me!).

Astrid LOVES it and keeps hugging it.


  1. It's looking great! When you get onto a project like this that you have given yourself a time frame for it kind of consumes all your time. Glad Astrid loves it which is of course the main thing.
    I've found that I have a hard time doing the random thing and end up cheating a bit and tweeking the arrangement, I must be a control freak- it's the teacher in me!

  2. Oh, trying to keep it random often makes me a bit batty! Love the little dear on it. :)