Sunday, August 1, 2010


Do you remember the Triffids (no, not the Perth band of the 80s, the killer plants of the movie).

Well, I think we have some growing around the corner from us . . .

Should we be worried?

Seriously, what ARE these plants?

And . . . The house that they are growing in front of is . . . deserted . . .dum dum dum dum!


  1. Tim thinks they are a type of Angel's Trumpet but I don't think so.
    I think it is a tropical Trumpet Plant....

    I was right I just checked.
    Solandra maxima, Solandra hartwegii, Solandra selerae
    Here's the link

  2. Ah Ha! Thanks, mystery solved! Well they are a very peculiar and (forgive me, ugly) plant and I don't think I'll be turning my back on them, just to be on the safe side!

  3. Apparently they do have a tendancy to take over, so I wouldn't turn my back on them!
    Oh and they can cause hallucinations! (But I think you have to prepare them in a special way.) I don't think that they will just cause hallucinations just by getting too close or from pollen as tim is starting to be concerned about - just don't eat them!