Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sometimes I HATE democracy!

I particularly hate that idiot people will vote against their own better interests out of racist fear, selfish greed, ignorance and laziness. 

On ya Australia, so proud today....pblurrrpppppppth to you all!!!!!!!Well 50% of you anyway.

...more when I'm less angry.


  1. The picture of the cat says it all!
    I came here to get an interesting comment on the political situation and perhaps some insight as to where things go from here, (as I've not yet looked at the paper or turned on the telly and when I went to bed last night it looked to be a hung parliament, please tell me that mad man with the boat phone did not win outright?!?!?!?!)
    Anyway I did get a laugh from this post!

  2. No, hung parliament! 3 ex-national party independents and 1 new Green member (Melbourne). Which means that either Labour or the mad monk's team will try to make a government by trying to win these 4 (could be 5) independents. You might think the ex-national party guys might go with the Libs but they are very, very disaffected and so it's not a sure thing (the 1-2 Green guys will go Labour) might all come down to Bob Katter and he's a first-class idiot!!!!Very worried and upset here!

  3. See I knew the overall thing of a hung parliament but not the details of the independents. I figured the greens would go Labour but wasn't sure about who the others actually were. Fingers, toes etc crossed. I don't think I can stand a week of waiting. Luck Bantam Boy is coming home for a holiday from his holiday in order to distract me!

  4. I'm just hearing Julia Gillard's latest speech. She mentioned that she has had discussions with the independents and the Greens. Interesting as we suspect that the Greens (who have control of the Senate) will tell the independents that if they try to form a government with the Libs that they will block everything that comes through the senate. So fingers crossed that Labour forms government...I know some country people that will be jumping for joy as they have such power now...Good news about Bantam Boy (is his little friend also coming home?)

  5. Ok- I'll try for thr 4th time to write this comment, I'm having technical problems!
    I'm just watching th news and now I can put a face to Bob Katters name- Oh dear!
    I suppose one good thing should the wosrst thing occur the greens will stop any really STUPID thing the libs may try to do.
    Bantam Boy is coming home on his own one of their mates has been promising to go up there to visit them and as they are travelling on again when BB gets back then he has to go up now so he will keep simon company till BB gets back.